The Artist (ticket giveaway)

Thursday February 02, 2012 Written by ronan

A fallacy in the film industry that assumes every innovation in technology improves the art. Sound obliterates silence, colour overwhelms black and white, high-definition obsoletes analog and, ahem, 2D is collapsed by 3D. Cinema lovers know that this is untrue.

The Artist pays homage to the silent film era, one of only a handful since talking pictures rose to dominance. It follows the frivolous and fraught relationship of a silent movie actor and his beautiful 'talkie' actress muse.

The film, directed by Michel Hazanavicius, has already picked up major awards at Cannes and the Golden Globes; with 10 nominations, expectations are high for the Oscars.

It hits cinemas around Australia today and to mark the occasion we have five double passes to give away thanks to the folks at Roadshow. Shoot us an email with your name and address to enter.