Page One: Inside The New York Times (DVD giveaway)

Monday December 19, 2011 Written by nadia

When Wikileaks, Twitter and tablets are creating, breaking and publishing the news is there still a role for the New York Times? Hell yes.

Page One: Inside The New York Times gets the scoop on the future of news media from the writers, editors and publishers who spend their days (and lives) inside the newsroom.

The doco examines the role of old fashioned research and fact-based reporting in a mediascape that goes mental for word of mouth.

This sure is a widely discussed topic, but it takes on a whole new dimension from inside the Times. (Especially when talking heads include salty old no-bullshit journos like David Carr!)

The film had a frustratingly short run at cinemas, but thankfully it has just hit DVD. The good people at Madman Entertainment have given us five copies to give away. Email here with your name and address to enter.