Not so small time

Monday November 21, 2011 Written by smith

Rob Cordiner gave us a tour of his Melbourne studio, Parts & Crafts, for Smith Journal volume one. There was so much to cover that we couldn't talk in detail about his publishing house, Smalltime Books. This is the story.


What kind of publications are in the Smalltime Books stable?

Small press books and zines, published in union with creatives who we greatly admire. Our titles are largely produced via a quirk-filled Risograph RP3700 stencil duplicator.

You work with a lot of artists too right?

A great bunch so far, nearby folk such as Drunk Park, Tristan Ceddia, Joe Hamilton and Stephen Baker, as well as Susie Wright and Tim Lahan from across the pond. Depending on proximity it usually begins with a casual hello or email and evolves naturally from there.


Is the printing all done on site?

All of the pre-press, RISO/screen printing and binding is done in-house at PARTS Studio, we like to keep a close eye on things. That, and it's all pretty enjoyable stuff. We're looking at incorporating a few nice details into our upcoming releases, so we may need to outsource some of that. We'll be keeping it as local as possible though.

What else do you make aside from the zines?

We produced a one-off series of RISO prints to coincide with our launch in 2010, but aside from that we're keeping it strictly zines and artist books.


What are you working on at the moment?

Currently putting the last pages of LATE/GREAT through the RISO, it's a book of iconic duotone linocuts from British artist Tim Laing. Also getting started on TUHG LIFE - a collection of Tupac fan art, compiled by hip hop historian Mark Drew, which should be out in December. In addition to this, the wheels are in motion for a very special project with The Heavy Mental.

'parts & crafts' a short feature on Rob's workspace appears in Smith Journal issue one. 

Images thanks to: Smalltime Books and Cory White.