Moonlight Cinema (ticket giveaway)

Friday December 23, 2011 Written by luke

The Australian summer: a time of endless sun, impromptu barbeques, long days spent pretending to care about cricket and balmy evenings spent watching movies in the park. At night the ambient temperature is still in the mid 20s and, hell, you've got to take advantage of that.

Once again, Moonlight Cinema is setting up shop across Australia, taking over the country's most picturesque parklands and turning them into nocturnal cinematheques.

To mark the occasion, we have 15 double passes to give away to you, our loyal and cinema-loving readers. From the latest releases (Mission Impossible! The Ides of March!) to memory-laners (Ferris Bueller's Day Off! Grease!) to shameless date fodder (Breakfast at Tiffany's! The Breakfast Club!), a trip to Moonlight is as fine a use of this idyllic weather as we can think of.

Email here with your name and address to enter.

Mental note: Smith comps are allocated using a 'first emailed best ticketed' sort of system. To get the jump on everyone else follow us on Twitter or the Facebook