Head Full of Snakes

Tuesday December 06, 2011 Written by nadia

If you have a 'head full of snakes' it means that you have baggage. Or you're crazy. Or you're crazy, with baggage. But in the case of a new publication by designers Luke Wood and Stuart GeddesHead Full of Snakes means that they like motorbikes.

Handmade in Melbourne and launched last weekend, the publication falls somewhere between a mag and a zine, as Stuart explains:

"In some ways it's really a straight-up motorcycle magazine. To be more precise, it's a bit of a mongrel, probably something between a magazine and a fanzine. It's totally 'home made', which I guess makes it a fanzine of sorts, but it's more ambitious in scope than your average zine. And there's a lot of written content, and it's quite light on your usual 'bike-porn' glossy colour pictures. And there's some discussion of art and design in there, and a sound work by Paul Elliman. So actually, in other ways, it's nothing like a straight-up motorcycle magazine."

Even if you know nothing about motorbikes, we reckon that you will like something in HFoS. For starters, it has a music column and it has a comic strip. It has motorbike photo essays, interviews with bike people and the odd petrol head. There's even an insert flexidisc (it's just like a record, only flexi!), which holds a recording of '1952 Vincent Black Lightning'. 

What is '1952 Vincent Black Lightning'? Off the top of our heads we are not sure, but you certainly don't need to know this to enjoy the publication, which is one of the best things about it. 

Head Full of Snakes issue one costs AUD$15, plus postage. Order here. Ships locally and internationally.