Grinderman (album giveaway)

Monday March 19, 2012 Written by georgia

Would've loved to have been sitting at the kitchen table when Nick Cave turned to his bedraggled, bearded mate Warren Ellis, clapped him on the shoulder, and asked if he wanted to make a cosmic clash of classic rock and classic-al.

The resulting band became known as Grinderman, a musical meeting of high energy and high art. Known for their onstage antics as much as their studio recordings, they've just released Grinderman 2 RMX, a follow-up album to the 2010 tectonic-plate shifting Grinderman 2.

The album is a slew of remixed, collaborated and reinterpreted tracks from the 2010 release, featuring crazed musical glory from Nick Zinner, Matt Berninger, Robert Fripp and many more. It's music that comes forth from your speakers in a way that's as erratically stupendous as the live show.

Grinderman 2 RMX is now available from all good music stores, and we've got five copies to give away thanks to the guys at EMI. Send your name and address here to enter.