Fly fishing with Jed Lind

Wednesday November 16, 2011 Written by Smith

We're not sure how we first stumbled upon the work of Jed Lind, but his photo series, Small is Beautiful, was one of the visual high points of Smith Journal volume one. We recently spoke to the artist about his wider body of work, fly fishing and living in L.A.


Hey Jed! What have you been working on since we spoke?

I've been working on three large public commissions and sculptures, one of which I installed a month ago in Toronto, titled Gold, Silver & Lead. The piece stands 25' tall and is made from seven replicated 1979 Honda Civics.

You moved from Canada to L.A. - what inspires you about a new city?

I have been living in L.A. for ten years, so the new part has worn off! Originally I moved here because I was intrigued by the history of artists and the west in general. Now it is home and I am intrigued by the way the city moves and the spaces that exist in between - that are unnoticeable at 60mph. I do miss Canada and try to get back there as much as possible to visit my family. It has become even more important since the birth of my daughter.


Where do you go to find nature in L.A.?

I go and fly fish on some of the creeks in the San Gabriel Mountains or snowboard on Mount Baldy when the rivers are too high to fish. But probably the wildest nature exists in the basin of the L.A. River.

How do you balance living in the city with your outdoorsy passions?

I don't. The city usually gets the best of me.


What camera do you shoot with?

I shoot with three cameras: a Pentax 67, an Arca Swiss 69 (that my mother gave to me shortly before she passed away) and a Zeiss Icon from 1939 that was passed on from my late grandfather, who's name I also share.

What's your ultimate photography goal? What do you dream about shooting?

Those are big questions! I don't even know what I am shooting next, but let's just say that it will exist somewhere between here and dark matter. My goal as a photographer is to keep the spirit of alchemy and the darkroom alive.

'capsized dreamers' - a photo feature about Jed's 'Small is Beautiful' photo series appears in Smith Journal issue one.