Eat it Victoria

Monday February 13, 2012 Written by rick

If you like eating and you like Victoria (the state not the monarch) then boy oh boy have we found a book you're going to like. No, love.

The Field Guide to Victorian Produce has been made especially for locavores, which sound like a type of dinosaur, but are actually just people who try to eat locally. Finally here are the stories behind the all the great food you can find across Vic.

The book connects those with rumbling guts and those with paddocks of fresh vegetables and freshly slaughtered beasts. And if you like numbers as much as food, well, it's got profiles on 105 growers, 179 producers and 71 providers. Then there's the 10 regional food trails, with farmers markets, festivals and other happenings, and 10 interviews with regional chefs. The only bummer is that interstate editions are yet to surface.

The Field Guide to Victorian Produce costs A$44 and is available from a bunch of local stockists. Online orders available here. Ships locally and internationally.