Friday February 28, 2014 Written by Rick

Refuse to believe it? Check this doco, which tells the story of the Jodorowsky's attempt to adapt Frank Herbert's novel Dune in the mid-‘70s.  

The French-Chilean filmmaker's vision has never been understated. His early film, the 1970 American-Mexican western El Topo, combined mass slaughter with dwarves and mutants. Critics called it "sickening", but it won the acclaim of fellow artists. John Lennon and Yoko helped finance The Holy Mountain in 1973, and Jodorowsky apparently gave psilocybin mushrooms to his actors during the shoot.

These highly unorthodox methods combined with an imagination that'd put the greatest surrealist artists to shame all went into Dune, a film that never got made, but influenced everything else that did.