The endearing madness of David Shrigley

Wednesday February 08, 2012 Written by luke

How exactly do you describe the oeuvre of British artist David Shrigley? Surreal crudity? Crude surrealism? Line drawings gone mad? Flat out weird shit? Whatever you settle on, there's little doubting the man is goddamn hilarious.

Trained in the fine arts, these days Shrigley has dialled his visual style back to a bare bones, pen-on-paper style that looks like it might have been drawn by a particularly talented/demented 8-year-old. Albeit one with an uncanny grasp of the absurdities of the everyday.

The first major London exhibition of Shrigley's drawing, animation, photography, sculpture and music is currently happening at the Southbank Centre's Hayward Gallery. We thought this accompanying promo video was a pretty neat introduction to the man and his endearing madness.