Carrying on like a pork chop

Wednesday January 18, 2012 Written by wilfred

Meet a hard-partying, stupid brilliant cartoon pig surfer named Captain Goodvibes, who was born amidst the choppy waves of '70s Australian culture. Artist Tony Edwards created the character while working at surfing mag Tracks, and continued to draw him on its pages for years. 

The Captain died (or retired) in 1981, but publisher Flying Pineapple has revived him in a 400-page book, Captain Goodvibes: My Life As A Pork Chop 1973-1981.

A cross between Terry Gilliam's animation, 'The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers', and Oz magazine, Goodvibes is a cool reminder of a time when surfing was rebellious and wild.

Captain Goodvibes: My Life As A Pork Chop 1973-1981 costs $AUD69.95, plus postage. Order here. Ships locally and internationally.