A picture is worth a thousand words

Thursday November 03, 2011 Written by Wilfred

The music of Sigur Rós has always had a tenuous relationship with words. Their name is Icelandic wordplay, they sing in a made up language, and journalists have routinely scratched their heads about how to sum up their dramatic, cinematic, post-rock compositions.

Dutifully following the advice that a picture is worth a thousand words, their latest release Inni (out November 7) is all about putting a face to the name. Available via an array of complex configurations (three vinyl 7"s and DVD and double CD, or blu-ray and DVD and double CD, for instance), it captures Sigur Rós live in concert.

Complicated in its own right, the footage was filmed in HD digital, transferred to 16mm film, projected and re-filmed (sometimes through glass or other objects). As always, it fulfils what we've come to expect from S.R. - the unexpected.