A Good Idea: Schoolhouse Studios

Thursday May 02, 2013 Written by ben

Every now and again, a space pops up that gives a group of artists a home, creates a community and even feeds into the work that is created there. 

Schoolhouse Studios in Melbourne is a pretty great example, and they need help with their new home.

For almost three years, Schoolhouse has been providing affordable rent to Melbourne artists and creative businesses, as well as hosting parties, exhibitions and markets to spread all that art around. It's the base of excellent record label Two Bright Lakes and a host of designers, filmmakers, architects and visual artists. So if you dig on great music like Oscar & Martin or the criminally underrated Oto Uto, or you think The Bamboos have cool videos, you've been touched by Schoolhouse.

Then, last year, they learnt that the 120-year-old former monastery was due for demolition. Hence the search for a new home, and the Pozible campaign to help their new site reach peak awesome. The plans include a public space, café and more space for performances. And the rewards for kicking in are pretty great too, from a warm feeling, to a custom-designed piece of art hung in your name. School's in. 

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