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We already knew Eddie Van Halen could play the guitar. But according to these patents he filed, he literally reinvented it.

New Movies, Old-Fashioned Covers

Wednesday September 05, 2018

Self-taught artist Matthew Dix spends his spare time designing old-fashioned covers for modern films – and even dubs them back onto VHS. Naturally, we tracked him down to ask why.

Tile Spotting

Tuesday September 04, 2018

You don’t get to walk on most artworks. Mosaics are different. Photographer Sebastian Erras gives some of the more eye-popping ones their dues.

The Fight Club author proves colouring-in books don’t have to be twee. Or even pleasant. 

When is a house not a home? When it’s one of Gao Rong’s life-sized embroidered sculptures.

In Italy, an artist is converting manholes into teeny tiny rooms to raise awareness of homelessness.

The Strange Sight of GPS Map Art

Tuesday August 14, 2018

Art and sport don’t always play nice, but the strange pastime of ‘Strava art’ – where runners and cyclists create images on maps – is a clear exception.

The Art of Street Writing

Saturday July 28, 2018

Sometimes the best art is hidden in plain sight. Like the mesmerising craft behind painting mundane road signs.

Canadian artist Guy Laramée turns decaying books into eye-catching landscapes.