Tuesday June 19, 2012

Ever had one of those days on public transport where the swell of strangers has made you feel like you're losing your mind? Amplify that by a million or so and you're on same page as bus-hating Bud Clayman.

Sure it's cold as buggery around most of Australia, but despite its title Best Made's 'summer reading set of five' is quite trans-seasonal.

Spray painting spider webs

Thursday June 14, 2012

When they're not wrapping themselves around your face and sending you into a 30-second blind panic, spider webs are actually pretty amazing.

Sunday Reading: Flamingo

Sunday June 10, 2012

We don't know why flamingos stand on one leg and we definitely can't do the flamenco, but we do know why you should check out London-based Flamingo magazine.

Shame (DVD giveaway)

Wednesday June 06, 2012

Shame follows Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a successful, handsome New Yorker in his struggle to live a rounded life when his concentration is captured by porn and sex. The poor guy has more intimacy issues than the man in the moon.

Vivid Ideas

Tuesday June 05, 2012

Rarely are festivals for serious thinking, but most of them don't have a dedicated 'Ideas' program.

Charge Group (vinyl giveaway)

Tuesday June 05, 2012

'Epic' might be one of the most overused words this decade, but it's an apt description of Charge Group's sound. 

Winter has its perks: whisky by the fire, warm woollen knits and spending great swathes of time in dark cinemas for starters. In this regard the Sydney Film Festival (June 6-17) is well timed. Here are some highlights of the low lights.

Sometimes it seems like a lot of art and design magazines forget they're part of a wider world. It's Nice That is very much the exception.

Melting Sculpture

Saturday June 02, 2012

Now here's an innovation that would make Madame Tussaud's infinitely more interesting.