Imagining Iconic Movies as Houses

Wednesday January 01, 2020 Written by Garry


Federico Babina likes to blend pop culture with design. In 2014, the Italian architect and illustrator did this with ‘Archimusic’, a series that imagined his favourite musicians as houses befitting their artistic leanings.

Now with ‘Archidirector’, he’s given cinema the same treatment, creating 27 Grand Designs-esque doodles inspired by great directors. Depending on just how big a cinephile you are, some buildings will be more recognisable than others. George Lucas’s angular, droid-inspired abode should be fairly easy to deconstruct, for instance, as should Stanley’s Kubrick’s HAL-like residence. Others remain a little more obscure, though, including what we’re assuming is a Dogville reference in the Lars Von Trier.


Once you get past the initial novelty of Babina’s designs, there are plenty of Easter eggs to unearth. They can also act as prompts for what films to watch in your spare time: the houses act as abstract endorsements, inviting you to delve into the filmographies of directors you might not be familiar with.