Someone Has Turned Google Earth into an Art Project

Monday December 30, 2019 Written by James

Ever wonder what it’d be like to gaze down, god-like, and survey the endless bounty of creation? No need to wonder, guys. EARTHGLANCE has got you covered.

EARTHGLANCE is a shady hybrid between CIA-level surveillance and abstract art. What the project does is scrape Google Earth for interesting images, then group them according to geographic location. This means you can search for satellite images of, say, #australia or #lasvegas, or – much more fun – simply use the site’s ‘Random’ generator to zoom across the world at the click of a button.

Drone photography has obviously opened up a whole new visual language for photographers. But EARTHGLANCE is slightly different: these images weren’t taken for artistic purposes. They’re just little patches of the Earth, frozen at specific points in time. And yet they’re still beautiful, and chaotic, and poetic, and slightly addictive.

EARTHGLANCE also confirms something we’ve long suspected: eagles and gods really do get the best view.