An Urban Art Festival in Melbourne

Wednesday December 18, 2019 Written by Smith

Do you feel like checking out a full-scale, hand-painted sailboat set inside a shipping container or a recreation of a 1980s-style "shady warehouse district"? Of course you do.

A 10-day celebration of contemporary urban art we're talking painting, murals, photography, video and installation is heading to Melbourne.

More than 100 street artists, musicians and collectives will transform The Facility event space in Kensington into an immersive experience with site-specific murals, graffiti, musical performances and talks. What better way to escape the sweltering dog days of summer than an underground art party?

Can't Do Tomorrow, one of the largest urban art festivals in Australia, will feature the work of artists like Michael Peck, Nick Azidis, Kaff-eine, MEGGS, Callum Preston and Mysterious Al, while prominent street artist Rone will appear in conversation on February 29.

If you're just in it for the hangs, Can't Do Tomorrow will also include live music, bars, DJs and artist-led workshops.

Here are the details:

February 20-29, 2020

(Sessions available Thursday - Sunday)

12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington

Grab your tickets here, if you're so inclined.