Weave It Out

Monday December 16, 2019 Written by Max Olijnik

This guy here? That’s actor Lee Van Cleef as he appeared in the 1965 spaghetti western For a Few Dollars More. More accurately, it’s Lee Van Cleef’s likeness woven into existence by Spanish tapestry-maker Cristina Rivera. As the founder and sole employee of Telarama Weavings, Rivera makes a living blending folk art and folk heroes into slightly pixelated wall hangings and cushion covers. Rock and pop stars feature heavily in her work, though she also accepts commissions (which is how Van Cleef came to be). We can only speculate what Morrissey, Lou Reed and Joey Ramone – all of whom have been given the Telarama treatment – would make of their fabric-y likenesses, though we did manage to secure a supportive testimonial from Bob Dylan, whose Instagram DM simply read: The answer my friend, is weaving in the end. (This is a lie.) Lee Van Cleef is sold out, but you can still score the Morrissey. It's available via telaramaweavings.etsy.com.