Listen to Jeff Buckley’s Record Collection

Monday November 25, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Present as lightning and evasive as smoke, Jeff Buckley mesmerised audiences in the early 90s with his rapturous, octave-scaling vocals, drawing sound from instruments like water from some enchanted well. Over the space of a career brought short by his tragic death in 1997, Buckley generated a densely packed catalogue of work that has only grown in stature as its aged.

But who exactly it Buckley look to for inspiration? Until now, we had to go by the songs Jeff chose to cover to get a sense his influences. But a website put together by digital agency FameHouse has now put the details of our hero’s record collection into the public domain.

Stumbling across feels like finding El Dorado – there’s so much treasure lying around that you hardly know where to begin. To reduce the risk of swooning, heart failure and/or whiplash, we suggest taking a few deep breaths, having a good stretch and maybe pouring yourself a nice cup of lilac wine before, hurling yourself into the inevitable clicking frenzy.