Fintan Magee is Taking Murals to New Heights

Tuesday November 19, 2019 Written by James

Mural panting is one field where size very definitely seems to matter. When it comes to murals, more is usually more. Australian street artist Fintan Magee is putting this theory into practise, painting enourmous (and incredibly photo-realistic murals) all over the world.

Born in Lismore, NSW, Fintan has been commissioned to paint murals for Indonesian collective Ruangrupa, URBAN NATION and the Vancouver Mural Festival. He’s even worked in Tehran – the first time a foreign artist has been commissioned to work in the country.

You can find dozens of Fintan’s paintings around Sydney, usually haunting carparks or lost alleys, the isolated and abandoned corners of the city (there’s actually a helpful map of Fintan’s local work here).

But if wandering the back-alleys of Sydney sounds like too much effort, just sit back, relax and keep scrolling. We’ve featured some of our favourite Fintan pieces below. You’re very welcome.