The Man Who Turns Scenery into Sweaters

Sunday November 10, 2019 Written by Genevieve

At Smith, we pride ourselves on having a healthy level of scepticism. But there is one thing we will never question, and that is the glory of Sam Barsky’s knits.

Who is Sam Barsky, you ask? Well, by the end of this post we think you’ll be adjusting that question to: how had I never heard of Sam Barsky before?

In short, Sam’s a legend of knitwear. In long, he’s become an internet icon for posting photos of himself wearing home-made jumpers inspired by the locations he visits. And to cap it all off, he wears the jumpers at the locations they’re inspired by.

The hefty collection, which you can gaze upon in pure awe over at NPR, is a celebration of what can be achieved with determination, stamina, vision and a hell of a lot of snazzy coloured wool.