Drawing Fake Album Covers from the ’60s and ’70s

Thursday November 07, 2019 Written by Garry

Fake recods 2

The ’60s and ’70s obviously produced some pretty great album covers. But flip through the record collection of any op-shop and you’ll notice there was also a lot of sameyness; the cheesy studio photo template repeating itself over and over.

It’s this run-of-the-mill style that speaks loudest to illustrator Mark Todd. A few years ago, the Texan artist began reproducing classic album covers in black and white for Daily Record series. More recently he’s been creating his own fictitious record sleeves for bands he makes up in his head. Unlike these ones from former Gerling member Dead Galaxy, which looked to the future, Todd’s have an eye set firmly on a make-believe past.

His illustrations, seen here on It’s Nice That, are endearingly childlike. Indeed, there’s much humor to be found in Todd’s made-up band, artist and album names, which include Bobby Mills’ Where Do Dreams Go When We Forget Them? and The Worry Warts’ I Just Don’t Know About This.

We enjoy looking at Todd’s work, though part of us wishes these albums and artists were real – mostly so we could hear what Billy Kirk’s Don’t Go to Hell Without Saying Goodbye would sound like.

Fake recods 1

Fake recods 3

Fake recods 6

Fake recods 7

Fake recods 5

Fake recods 4