The Aesthetically Pleasing, Calorie-Burning Style of GPS Map Art

Saturday October 12, 2019 Written by Ronan

Art and sport don’t always play nice, but the strange pastime of ‘Strava art’ – where runners and cyclists create images on maps – is a clear exception.

The practice involves using fitness tracker apps that plot your exercise course using GPS (Strava is one, but there are others) to draw pictures, using the map as your canvas and your body as the pencil.

English Cyclist David Taylor is one of the most active artists in the field. His achievements include tracing out constellationsgiant horses and even bikes (how meta) that span 341 km of road.

While his early pieces (some of which took 13 hours to create) look like they were completed with a severe case of the shakes, Taylor is getting smoother and sharper as he develops his strange, mobile craft.

Others have used the form to draw giant top-hatted turkeys over San Francisco, profess their love for cheap American beer, propose to their partners, or just assert that they rule. Seems like a great way to discover the unexplored passages of your city, if nothing else. 

Related: you should probably abstain from creating your own GPS art (or using Strava at all) if you're currently stationed in a secret military base.