How to Make Clouds Indoors

Thursday September 19, 2019 Written by James

It’s difficult to make a cloud. Particularly indoors. There’s a reason you don’t usually find them hovering in your living room: they require extremely precise levels of humidity, moisture and dust. Clouds have always been more of an outdoor thing.

But not for Dutch visual artist Berndnaut Smilde. He’s made a career out of generating clouds inside.

Smilde’s clouds look quite solid – and somehow large, on a miniature scale. But they’re actually fleeting. Most last no more than a few seconds. Just enough time for Smilde to snap the shutter and capture a strange, improbably indoor climate.

To make the clouds, Smilde has to maintain specific levels of moisture and dust in the room. Enough vapour to condense around the dust particles, but not so much that it starts raining. Always annoying when that happens in your kitchen.

You can catch more of Smilde’s work on his Instagram.