The Weird Time-Collapse Videos of Cy Kuckenbaker

Friday September 06, 2019 Written by James

You’ve heard of time-lapse videos, which involve thousands of images or small video snippets stitched together to show something very slow happening very fast. But American filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker makes something called ‘time-collapse’ videos.

They’re composite shots – hours and hours of raw video footage – clipped and stitched to show many things happening at once. Imagine an airport’s arrivals all arriving at the same time. Or hundreds of surfers catching the same infinitely breaking wave. It’s a bit like photographer Pelle Cass’s mind-bending work, now in video-form.

The projects take Kuckenbaker hundreds of hours in post production, picking out (for example) every single white car that passes along a freeway on a given day, then putting them all on the same road. His San Diego Black Friday airport time-collapse has a particularly apocalyptic vibe – try watching with Wagner in the background. Flight of the 747s…

Check out more of Kuckenbaker’s work on his Instagram.