This Truck Definitely Isn’t Real (We Think)

Thursday June 20, 2019 Written by Toby

In a world inundated with deepfakes, fake news and fake Spice Girls tours, Ontario-based photographer Alex Lysakowski is aiming his sights a little lower. Instead of tackling the famous or inventing the outrageous, the digital manipulation in his series Antistructures targets the mundane world of industrial landscapes. In his hands, nondescript buildings morph into stretching shapes that would make zoning ordinances sweat, while trucks grow to some worryingly unaerodynamic heights. Weirdly, the very ordinariness of the subject matter and scenery makes the trickery seem that little bit more plausible, despite it all being so completely implausible. They’re photographic white lies that you’re tempted to let slide.






Via Ignant.