Design Inspo for the Impending Apocalypse

Thursday June 06, 2019 Written by Toby

illo G1

Artist Alvaro Naddeo’s vision of a world after the apocalypse is relatively optimistic, least of all because there’s a world still standing. In his take, not only does humankind ostensibly survive the next 31 years, but so does its plucky, can-do DIY attitude.

Across a series of detailed miniature watercolours, Naddeo imagines elaborate and enterprising shelters, structures and vehicles – even a shopping-trolley-cum-workspace – cobbled together out of the trash we seemingly can’t stop making and disposing of. On one hand, it’s a heartening reminder of our resourcefulness. On the other, it’s depressing that we aren’t really using that resourcefulness to steer clear of this kind of scenario in the first place.

Check out Alvaro's website for more ramshackle, up-cycled huts and shelters, or follow him on Instagram.

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