The Surreal Worlds of Ian Trask's Layered Slide Photographs

Wednesday September 11, 2019 Written by Smith

Trask G1

Artist Ian Trask hit the payload when he came across a crate of 5,000-or-so 35mm slides. The transparencies, which capture innumerable family holidays, sporting events and other quotidian phenomena, were nice enough to look at on their own, but became something else all together when Trask began layering them into collages.

Trask has published highlights of the series in Strange Histories: A Bizarre Collaboration, an odd beast of a book in which his collages are accompanied by original stories from 29 writers. Like the slides themselves, each story is suitably poignant and strangely evocative of memories that almost feel like your own.

Trask G2

Trask G3

Trask G4

Check out the Strange Histories Instagram for more collages.