Every Ridiculous Sign from the 'Batman' TV Show

Monday April 22, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Whether you watched it then, or as a re-run in the decades since, the 1966 Batman series starring the legendary Adam West is still the number one reference for kitsch heroes, villains, costumes, puns, and signage. Yep, signage.

We all remember the pop-up POW!’s, BLAM!’s, GLURP!’s and KABLOOEY!’s, but did you ever noticed the hilarious signs and labels within the show? If you missed them, fear not – the blog Bat Labels will sort you out.

It's a far cry from the darkly serious Batman of 2016, but a welcome reminder that superheroes were once capable of a little knowing humour. Now excuse us while we take a closer look into our Waterproof Loot Sack with this Hyper-Spectagraphic Analyzer to help find something to deactivate a Death Bee Beehive Trip Wire.