Get Lost in These Dreamy Map Collages

Monday April 08, 2019 Written by Toby

Maps G1 Rachel's Wave, 2011

Matthew Cusick’s work makes us wish we could do away with our GPS-powered digital maps and return to the paper ones – only so that we could cut them to pieces. This isn’t mere destruction for destruction’s sake: once he’s ripped his old maps to shreds, the Dallas-based artist gets to work painstakingly rearranging all the pieces in an interesting way.

With only the most judicious use of paint and ink, leaning as much as he can on the maps’ original colours, Cusick crafts astonishing collages depicting everything from cascading waves to vintage cars to Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo.

Maps G3 Red & Blue, 2010

Maps G2 Course of Empire (Mixmaster 1), 2003 I

ThreeHorse Three Horses, 2011

ThreeHorse 2 Three Horses (detail), 2011

Thanks to Designboom for pointing us in the right direction.