‘Mad Men’, But All the Cigarettes are Kazoos

Sunday February 17, 2019 Written by Smith

One the one hand, smoking is bad for you. One the other, it looks kind of cool. And if something looks cool, there’s evidence to suggest teenagers will start doing it – even if they know it’s both highly addictive and cancer inducing.

To tackle this problem, design firm MSCHF Internet Studios wants to make cigarettes that little bit less appealing. The firm’s latest spin-off project, Cignature Films, aims to “completely remove smoking in Hollywood movies and television”. A tall order, perhaps, but one they’ve found a novel way of approaching. Instead of outwardly pressuring Hollywood to stop actors from smoking on screen, Cignature Films replaces cigarettes in existing films and TV episodes with kazoos, which is every bit as entertaining as it sounds.

Things kick off with the first episode of Mad Men (titled, appropriately enough, ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’), and Cignature has plans to apply the kazoo treatment to Fight Club, Stranger Things and The Godfather.

Click here to see Don Draper and his musical friends tooting away.