500 of the World’s Best Artworks That Aren’t Inside Museums

Sunday February 17, 2019 Written by Isabella

“Art is everywhere you look for it.” Sure, Spanish renaissance painter and sculptor ‘El Greco’ probably meant this in a lofty, metaphorical sense. But these days you don’t have to squint too hard to see that art basically is everywhere – a fact made all the clearer in Destination Art, a new book from Phaidon that shines a light on 500 art installations around the world.

Some of the permanent installations are smack bang in middle of cities you’re already likely to visit, such as Roy Lichtenstein’s mural in New York’s Times Square. Some can be found blocking your path on otherwise run-of-the-mill footpaths, including David Mach’s telephone boxes in Kingston, London. Precious few take up entire parks you’d have to make a concerted effort to see (such as Agnes Denes’ Tree Mountain, top left).

Interested in seeing Yayoi Kusama’s spotted vending machines on the streets of Japan or Louis Bourgeois’ giant spider in a French chateau? You can cop an eyeful of each in Destination Art, or use its handy logistical details (which for some reason includes both a physical address and GPS coordinates) to actually, you know, go and see the thing in real life.

Check the book out in more detail over at Phaidon.