Taking Old Maps to New, Three-Dimensional Heights

Friday January 25, 2019 Written by Toby

Map G1

The map has done a lot for north, east, south and west. But, broadly speaking, the ups and the downs haven’t had much of a look in, save for a touch of colouring and shading here and there. Graphic designer Scott Reinhard’s digital maps, however, have enough depth to make your ears pop as your eyes scan up mountains and down valleys.

Reinhard, who, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, comes from Indiana, the 10th flattest state in the U.S., pulls it all off by overlaying up-to-date elevation data from the United States Geological Survey on old maps. His version of Acadia is particularly vertigo-inducing, while his Mount St. Helens looks as though a frustrated Reinhard has punched a crater-like dent in your computer.

For more, climb on over to Reinhard’s Instagram, or buy some prints from his online store.

Map G2

Map G3