Analogue Miniatures

Saturday October 13, 2018 Written by Smith

What if the digital revolution never happened? What if we still used analogue instruments to make music? That’s the very specific sci-fi scenario posed by artist Dan McPharlin in this sculpture series, which imagines what musical equipment might look like if we hadn’t abandoned that old fashioned strain of technology. Handmade using paper, string and rubber bands, each piece is a tiny tribute to the gigantic tech of yesteryear.

His obsession with the ‘future past’ (or past future) extends beyond instruments. These sci-fi tableaus (some of which feature as CD covers) derive, as he says, “from blueprints laid down decades earlier on the pages of battered sci-fi paperbacks, fantasy art books, and mid-century design quarterlies”. Which might explain why they’re so retro-creepy.

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