The World’s First and Only Crocheted-Food-Hat Artist

Thursday April 26, 2018 Written by Suzi Taylor

So you’ve seen the film. Here are five facts about Phil Ferguson, aka chiliphilly, the crochet artist behind the furry food creations, and one of the creatives profiled in our recent frankie press book 'Look What we Made'.  

1. Phil started up his chiliphilly Instagram account to make friends when he first moved to Melbourne.

“I made these hats to make friends – well at least, that’s a very abridged version of [the story]. Coming to Melbourne, my natural response was to make work and see who would attach onto it, and meet people through that… After failing at dating apps I realised I had to make friends with real people instead of trying to meet a random out or from an app.”

2. Flipping burgers inspired his first hat.

“How all this has come about [is] from working in a burger shop! The most favourite food I’ve crocheted is my burger hats. I’ve made a few now. Those are the ones I’ve put the most detail into, and different colours. They’re the most exciting to crochet.”

3. He never uses a pattern.

“I taught myself the basics of construction and then I decided to apply it in this way to make this outcome. Whenever I have an idea to make something… I have the projected idea in my head and I always work towards that off the cuff, just do the maths and make something from there.”

Wide Foodhat 620x465 v

4. Crocheting the food does not make him want to eat the food.

“If anything it makes me not want to eat it! Especially things like doughnuts and burgers! I don’t feel compelled to eat the thing after I’ve made a giant version of it.”

5. Crocheting has taught him a thing or two about life.

"I first started crochet when I moved to Melbourne. It was a good release of anxiety, sitting down and focussing on one thing. What it’s really taught me is just ways of channelling that negative energy and relaxing, and taking things slow… And I guess through my crochet and my success I guess, it’s taught me that I have a good gut instinct and to just commit to it and it’ll probably work out."

Wide Foodhat 620x465 v2

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Images: Phil Ferguson