Food That Plays Music

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Food That Plays Music

Thursday January 04, 2018 Written by gen


Got a sweet tooth? How about a sweet ear? A Swedish interaction design student studying at Switzerland’s ECAL (the Lausanne Cantonal School of Art) has created a record that will delight the palette of anyone with a taste for truly dulcet tones.

For her graduation project, titled Déguster l’Augmenté, Erika Marthins decided she wanted to forge a new track – or, series of tracks – in this information age by designing an audio record made entirely out of chocolate. Aided by a team of particularly crafty chefs, Erika brought the delicious device into being to extend the sensorial experience of music beyond the aural, and “explore the potential of integrating data and storytelling into food”. When played, the record sounds out The Tornados’ Life on Venus – a track that Erika felt was appropriately sensual and mysterious for her other-worldly creation. And because the needle has to scratch away at the surface in order to play the record, the scent of chocolate rises up as you listen. Mmm. That is one tasty tune. Watch the short film about it here.    

But Erika’s explorations of ways to communicate through food don’t stop with a chocky LP. Also included in her culinary-boundary-pushing project is a dancing gelatin dessert, a transparent lollipop that looks clear until you shine a light through it, and a poem that can be projected onto a surface is revealed. 

Sorry for all the food, music and communication puns, but we can’t dance around it any longer – for Erika, the writing’s clearly on the wall, and we feel sure that her gastronomic inventions must have broken some kind of world record. Eh? Eh?