Four Cult Films Guaranteed to Make You Lose Your Mind (in a Good Way)

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Four Cult Films Guaranteed to Make You Lose Your Mind (in a Good Way)

Friday November 10, 2017 Written by smith

Hard-hitting news programs, intense political debates and challenging documentaries are definitely good ways to keep your mind in tip-top condish. But sometimes if you’ve been bending it around too much, your brain can start feeling like it don’t work good no more. That’s when we reckon you should switch off the serious viewing and let a zany master filmmaker weave their wack magic on your nog. Here are a few of our top picks:

The Shining 

The ultimate example of what could happen if you don’t give your mind a rest from time to time. Thanks to Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, we now know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull (and somewhat homicidal) boy.

Mulholland Drive

Abandon all logic ye who enter here, and let this classic Lynchian mind-melter do its job – the job of melting your mind, that is. 


Cult Cinema Bar reckon this is the film to see if you’ve never seen a Tarkovsky, and we’re inclined to agree with them. And while this philosophical masterpiece doesn’t exactly fall into the brainless category, Solaris is a work of art that is best enjoyed by letting it wash over you. Haunting, strange and totally mesmerising. 

Enter the Void  

Maybe not the one to see if you’re feeling like you need some chill screen time, but if you just want to have your mind blown, Enter the Void’s gonna blow it. Dazzling and devastating.

All these films are on at Cult Cinema Bar in Melbourne throughout November – and if you’re a local, they have some tix to give away to Smith readers. Email with subject line ‘Smith Giveaway’ to go in the draw.