The Post-Punk "Fish Goth" Band

Tuesday September 12, 2017 Written by Suzi

Koi Division proudly describe themselves as "the only Fish Goth Joy Division Cover band that matters". Ian Clownfish, "Hook", Steve Moray and Bernard Salmon cover songs of their beloved band, but with modified lyrics to reflect a nautical focus. (Read their lyrics here.) Wearing fish heads and with bubble machine on stage, they perform songs like Lures Will Catch us a Carp Again (Love Will Tear Is Apart Again) and Trout Fishin' (Transmission) which you can watch here. The Youtube video of their live rendition of No Lobster Lost is worth watching just to see the dancing fish. In her other life, Dr Sam Hallis ("Hook") is a microbiologist and she also performs in an outfit called Bitchin' Seahorse, which plays punk songs about sea life. She doesn't wear a fish head for that band, but she does wear an octopus costume. 

What would Ian Curtis make of it all? Well in this BBC interview he was asked what he thought of the state of new wave, to which he replied that he thought it had "lost its edge". So we think that he might quite like these all-singing-and-dancing punk fish, swimming a very different new wave in the wake of his legacy.