Locating Classic Album Covers in Google Street View

Saturday October 05, 2019 Written by Garry

We’ve seen some novel uses of Street View technology in the past. Google has used it itself to offer virtual tours of places like Uluru and Shackleton’s Antarctic hut, whilst users of the feature such as Halley Docherty have augmented contemporary maps with historical photos, as seen with these eerie World War II compositions.

Docherty isn't restricted to historical photos, though. In this series produced with The Guardian, the British artist takes famous album covers and composites them into the Google Street View locations where the originals were taken. Sure, there’s the obligatory Abbey Road inclusion, but it's the less well-known locations used by outfits such as Led Zeppelin, CCR, Bob Dylan, Jackson Brown, Oasis and, er, Rush (Halley must be a fan) that caught our eye.

What’s different about Docherty's collection is that he doesn’t just layer the album covers over Street View screenshots. Rather, he inserts them into the image and makes them part of the space. It’s something he seems to do a fair bit. If you like what he's done here, check out what he's done with these 18th-century paintings