Salvador Dalí’s Cooking Adventures

Friday October 07, 2016 Written by Smith

Salvador Dalí did some wacky shit in his time, but the stunt he pulled in the winter of 1955 has to be among his best. He took his friend’s Rolls-Royce, filled it with 500kg of cauliflower and drove it from Spain to France. His explanation: “Everything ends up in the cauliflower.” Yeah, we don’t get it either. Anyway, the stunt turned out to be an early indicator of one of the artist’s great passions: food. In 1973, he even published Les Dîners de Gala, a cookbook of his favourite meals. The recipes include such delicacies as Conger of the Rising Sun (eel) and Thousand-Year-Old Egg. (One picture, demonstrating how to prepare a pheasant, shows the bird morphing into a deformed skull. Helpful.)

For the longest time, anyone game enough to try these recipes had to have good luck – and a healthy PayPall balance – on their side: only a few copies of the book were ever published, and second-hand copies, if you were lucky enough to find them, often went for a mint. Thankfully Taschen has recently reprinted Les Diners de Gala in all it's disgusting glory. Being a (very beautiful) Taschen publication, it's not exactly going for pocket change. But at around $75, the price is far from surreal.