The Lost 'Twin Peaks' Coffee Commercials

Thursday July 28, 2016 Written by Genevieve

Damn fine coffee

There are few things we hold in higher esteem than David Lynch, hot coffee and Japanese pop-culture. Which is why, rather than being disappointed to learn that Lynch sold out by producing a series of coffee commercials for Japanese TV back in the ’90s, we’re actually a bit excited.

The premise of the four commercials echoes the events of the television series, with FBI Agent Dale Cooper striving to solve a mystery that involves a missing girl, some cherry pie, the Black Lodge, and plenty of opportunities to drink what we hear is a sub-par canned coffee brand. 

The ads also echo, retrospectively, Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost in Translation, which follows a Hollywood actor making a quick buck on a cheesy commercial they believe won’t ever air back home. Which is just another reason to get on board.

Some kind soul has edited the series, in all its backwards-talking strangeness, into the below supercut. Damn fine TV, even if it isn't great coffee.