Turning Your Ashes into a Vinyl Record

Sunday June 17, 2018 Written by Adrian

They say the record industry is dead. But the U.K. company And Vinyly isn’t deterred. In fact, it has taken this mantra and turned it into a unique business model. It trades on a unique service: allowing people to turn their cremated ashes into playable vinyl disks. They’re designed as mementoes for loved ones – a spinning reminder of good times past. 

The business offers a few different packages. Records can be made to play a spoken message or a favourite song. If that doesn’t float your boat, you can also just leave the disk blank, so that people can reminisce over a soothing soundtrack of quiet crackles and pops. 

The basic price is £3000, but the company also offers a few premium add-ons. You can commission a custom-made sleeve, or even get a song written especially. 

Whatever customers choose, they can rest assured that their memory will live on beyond the groove.