Viking Theme Park

Saturday August 11, 2018 Written by Ronan

In Iceland, the meticulously built set for a stalled film project has become an unofficial theme-park for Viking enthusiasts. Located in Höfn, near Reykjavík, the immersive set was constructed in an extremely pictureseque location (is there any other kind in Iceland?) beneath a snowy, fog-covered mountain.

If the immaculate detailing is any indication, the film-makers were obviously pretty close to shooting when everything ground to a halt. Thankfully, the village-sized set is finally getting an audience: an entrepreneurial farmer has started charging entry, allowing visitors to walk freely within the abandoned log-walled settlement, with its crude patchwork walkways and bridges, the houses built hobbit-like into earthen mounds, and large meeting halls. There’s even a cafe, which mightn't be historically accurate, but probably tastes good – the Nordics sure know their coffee.

Images: Atlas Obscura.