The World's Longest Road Trip

Wednesday October 15, 2014 Written by Kane

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Gunther Holtorf just returned from a trip. He drove 884,000km over 177 countries and 26 years in a Mercedes G-Wagen he dubbed Otto (seems even Germans aren’t immune to the charms of a vehicular pun). This means Gunther and his indomitable pre-electronic steed travailed the equivalent distance to the moon and back with enough kilometres left over to scoot around the entire coastline of Australia about three-and-a-half-times.

A journey which took in all but 14 of the 193 UN member states is going to net a lot of stories and a lot of wisdom. This lavishly produced feature by the BBC covers a lot of both and paints a fascinating portrait of a practical, good-humoured man who has seen more of the world than practically anybody else on it. All while documenting his resolutely unsponsored odyssey with naught but two 35mm cameras. Bonus fact: he says only Ghana runs second to Australia vis-à-vis overall friendliness.

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