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The Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

Thursday November 03, 2011 Written by Nadia

Visitors to the Dovrefjell-sunndalsfjella National Park in Dovre, Norway, can now fully appreciate the alpine ecosystem without stuffing it up. The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion is 90 square metres of intuitively designed observation space with panoramic views over the infinite mountain range.

Oslo-based architects Snøhetta referenced local building techniques and combined these with modern fabrication processes to construct the pavilion. A rigid outer shell of raw steel and glass encloses a curved wood gathering space to keep tourers protected from the elements while they learn about the region (which is also a hotspot of national myth and legend!). According to local lore, Norwegian giants fostered Harald I (the son of Norway’s first king) in Dovrefjell before he returned to conquer and claim the throne. The giants are long gone but the park is still home to wild indigenous reindeer, arctic foxes, musk oxen and golden eagles.