The Ruins of New York

Friday September 26, 2014 Written by Kane

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Urban exploration is a fascinating practice, but what is there for those amongst us who don’t want to skirt murky legal lines (or straight out trespass)? Those of us who can’t feel it within ourselves to risk drowning in a storm drain you thought was decommissioned because some fellow on an online forum told you so? Or, hell, those amongst us who don’t even know how to get started finding the evocative remains or our recent past?

If you’re in this number and also in New York, this list of the 11 most accessible ruins published by the Atlas Obscura is the salve for your exploratory itch. Wander the overgrown Rockaway Beach Branch Rail Line, take in a spooky Smallpox sanitarium on Roosevelt Island and survey a whole bunch of abandoned military outposts that look to be the very ne plus ultra of abandoned beauty. Which is just like New York, isn’t it? To have something other cities may not even have, have some of the best of it and then make it incredibly easy to find.

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