The Mystery of Underwater Rivers

Thursday October 09, 2014 Written by Kane

Taken by photographer Anatoly Beloschin, these pictures either document the site where Lovecraftian Great Old Ones will spring forth and envelop the earth, or a 'halocline' located in an underwater cave just outside Tulum in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

If it’s the latter, you may want to know that a halocline is an aquatic effect where differing salinities in two layers of water can create the effect of a submerged river. In this case, a river with banks created by vegetative debris from the jungle above then spookified by a fog-like layer of toxic hydrogen sulfate floating above the pitch-black, saline depths below.

If it’s the former then may we be the first to wish Ythgotha – the thing in the pit, son of Cthulu, dread to behold – well wishes in his quest to enslave humanity and lock our minds in an eternal, adamantine abyss of horror.