Sylvan Huts

Thursday February 16, 2017 Written by chris

Imagining Scandinavia as a toadstool-riddled glade where travellers can rest in sylvan hollows might seem like a gross stereotype. It might also be correct.

Located in Sweden, the Kolarbyn Eco-lodge is a no-frills hostel that makes you wonder why you’d ever want anything so garish as running water and electricity when you can have candles and (self-chopped) firewood. The huts are as simple as they look: wooden shacks covered in grass with small wood heaters. But all is not austere. Moose and beavers parade the nearby spring, a floating sauna offers the promise of warmth without having to chop more wood, and charcoaling – a 400-year-old process of extracting iron from charcoal kilns – keeps things nicely medieval. More info and bookings here.