Urban Explorations

Monday July 07, 2014 Written by kane

Photographing forgotten urban spaces is a practice custom built for all kinds of redolences and Berlin-based blog MK17 Urban Explorations mines them heartily.

Finding beauty in dereliction, as in a trip to an abandoned brewery in Friedrichshain. Uncovering notes of Lovecraftian horror, finding two burning candles in a desolate infant and children’s hospital. Making grand scale and undignified dereliction resonate with each other uncannily, as in this uncovering of an abandoned ballroom in Grünau.

Detroit may be the upstart Wunderstadt filling your feed with evocative urban dissipation, but – clearly – old favourite Berlin has plenty to awe you with yet. Abandoned porn: so much more than the Playboys you found in the park that one time when you were ten.